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Trust me, it's a fitting name.

If it's almost a comic, but not quite,
it's an Almost Comic!

See how busy I haven't been.

5/9/07: It's Wednesday! Hooray! Let's celebrate with a new Dragons comic!
I've been spending the last week or so getting the word out about the site (since none of you seem to want to. Ah, I'm just kiddin'. Or am I? No, I am.). I advertised the site on BuzzComix.net this past weekend, which worked great; instead of my usual 50 visitors a day, I managed to snag over 3,000 visitors, which, if my math is correct, is roughly 10 times my normal readership. If you decided to come back for more, thanks! If you didn't, then who needs ya.
I also managed to sneak in a mention on The Ron & Fez Show. During their "Whattya Want" segment on Tuesday, Ron was nice enough to let me give my site a little plug, which I hope brought a good chunk of people over (I'll know later today). If you've never heard their show, you should give them a listen if you have the means; they're a trip and a half. You can catch them on XM Satellite Radio channel 202 from 12pm-3pm (with a replay from 12am-3am), and if you're in the New York area, you can also catch their evening show from 6pm-9pm on 92.3 Free FM. If Ron or Fez happen to read this: You guys are awesome! Thanks a bunch! And if you're a Ron & Fez fan, thanks for stopping by! Stick around, won't you?
Click here to see the banner ad (if you missed it), and here to hear my sad, nervous little plug on Ron & Fez.

5/6/07: Hey, look! A new Dragons comic! And you doubted me. Shame on you.

5/2/07: As you can see, there's a new Dragons comic. Many other webcartoonists recommended that I start putting the new comic right on the front page, so I figured I'd give it a shot.
Some big big news to report on: in addition to the slight format change (the prelude to an eventual website facelift), I'm going to try my hand at something that will either be the best thing I've ever tried, or the stupidest: I'm going to try doing webcomics full-time. Naturally, this is an incredibly risky thing to try, especially considering my sporadic posting schedule, but it's something I feel good about, so I'm hoping it'll pay off. I'm going to be tweaking the website to make it look more professional, buying myself some ad space, and most importantly, drawing more comics. If you guys wanna throw some love my way by supporting some of my sponsors, maybe treating yourself to some merchandise, or even just telling people you know about site, it'd be much appreciated.
In the meantime, enjoy the new comic, and I'll see you in a few days with a new one. That's right; I said days.

4/1/07: A new Dragons comic is done, and it's holiday-themed! Big deal!
I'd do some funny little April Fool's joke here, but I just spent the last 11 hours getting my scanner to work, and I'm not in the mood. I guess the scanner played the joke on me! HA HA HA HA HA!

9/28/06: Two months and change later, it's a new Dragons comic. When you get to the last panel, please keep in mind that I'm an artist in the same sense that a mafia don is a legitimate businessman.
Speaking of legitimate business, don't forget that the Almost Comics Store is alive and kicking and waiting for someone to make a purchase. So don't disappoint it; I'm getting tired of having to console it and remind it that it's loved every night.

No joke here, just the logo. Try another one.

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